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Nhamo Mtetwa

My name is Nhamo MtewaHead of Cyber Security Services at Impact54.

With over 20 years in the IT industry, I am a seasoned technocrat who focuses on Cyber Security and Resilience, Software Development, IT Infrastructure and Data Science.

I worked as a Knowledge Transfer Research Scientist and as a Lecturer in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK 16 years ago where I achieved an MSc and PhD in Computer Science. I then worked as senior business technologist in an Investment Bank for more than 8 years and looked after its global business critical IT infrastructure. I am currently also a lecturer in Cyber Security in one of the top ranking universities in Scotland.

Why Cyber Security so important?

Africa needs to prepare for the cyber threat. The biggest challenge that the global business community and international community in general are facing at the moment is the risk of a cyber breach and/or cyber attack. For most institutions it is a matter of when, not if a cyber breach happens. This is why the focus is now on cyber resilience, which emphasizes business continuity for institutions despite a breach. The honest truth is that every institution will have to prioritize which assets to protect because absolute protection is not achievable. Digital is becoming the default way of doing business both at personal and corporate level. The risk for Africa is that the adoption of the digital economy may out pace its cyber security and resilience preparedness. It could be used as a pivot for malicious attacks to other parts of the world if it lacks the basic cyber security essentials. As cyber security is now an important factor for most businesses when doing dealing with a third party. It is becoming like an ISO standard for consideration when looking for suppliers. Africa runs the risk of losing out because it lacks a coordinated effort like the other continents.

This is where our Cyber Security Service Team comes in to bring our contribution. We have experience of setting up and managing business critical IT infrastructure in fields like financial services. We will map out your cyber risk profile the surface and secure the assets accordingly.

Our web application security assessment will comprehensively appraise the security of an application. The tests are carried out from both the authenticated and unauthenticated perspective and will offer an evaluation of the site’s security posture from both valid users who aim to escalate access privileges, and unauthorized users. We offer the following consultancy and training services:

Ethical Hacking
Network Security & Network Forensics
Malware Analysis
Securing Web Application


Web Application Security – Your web applications are under siege. Cyber-criminals attack around the clock, steal data, disrupt access, and compromise website credentials to commit further fraud. Web Application Security solutions from Impact54 enable you to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data securing them against web attacks, DDoS, site scraping, and fraud.


  • Securing Web Applications – Using OWASP and state of the art guidelines we will cover practical techniques for testing and assessing the security posture of applications accessible from an Internet connection.
  • Ethical Hacking – This course is a practical journey into the hacker mind-set, examining and practically applying the tools and techniques that an external threat may use to launch attacks against your IT infrastructure.
  • Malware Investigation – The course covers how to approach a malware investigation in Windows and Unix environments.
  • Digital Forensics – This practical course will enable you to gain an understanding of computer forensics analysis by learning about forensic principles and evidence handling when conducting a digital forensic investigation.

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